Introducing the Sponge Beyond Marketing Podcast

Jess and I cannonballed into the crowded pool of marketing podcasts.  Welcome to the Sponge Beyond Marketing podcast!

We started Sponge after feeling burnt out trying to raise young kids and do good work at our corporate marketing ops jobs.  And no wonder — at small and mid-size companies, the MOPS “team” is usually one person.  It’s isolating, stressful, and honestly a treadmill.  We want this podcast to celebrate great work done by all great marketing leaders and share their perspectives and ideas.

As a woman-led business, we also want to talk about growing our company and unapologetically enjoying our families.  We’ve had our mistakes and regrets.  We want to be honest, and help new and future entrepreneurs navigate the unknown.  Jess has an MBA from Booth and we are still getting the paperwork wrong!

On this first episode we’re talking about:

  • how we were convinced to quit our day jobs
  • how the moms and childfree members of our team are having very different quarantines
  • OMG the rollercoaster of navigating the PPP loan and finally finding a good lender
  • how to better leverage Gusto and consolidate your benefits there
  • a hack for pulling the .ics file for Zoom, On24, GoToWebinar, WebEx and BrightTalk webinars into Marketo


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