Workbook: Annual Marketing Planning


A solid marketing plan, backed by data from previous performance, is more important than ever. 

This 42-page workbook helps you comb through campaign stats, coordinate the team, and answer marketing’s toughest questions: What worked? What content do you need? And what can you afford?

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In this annual marketing plan workbook:

Annual marketing planning often swings between abstract brainstorming or 100+ slide decks that grow stale on the shared drive.

This workbook is different. You'll emerge with a simple, actionable plan that delivers lead targets, articulates campaign strategies, and prioritizes budget wisely. 

This workbook includes:

  • lead/opp calculators to hit revenue targets
  • group exercises that prompt honest conversations
  • a dashboard wireframe to track success
  • an annual budget template

Move beyond random acts of marketing. helped us benchmark our marketing ops capabilities, it's been great to leverage their expertise. They're fantastic.

Margaret Irons, 3Pillar

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Annual Marketing Plan workbook