Move beyond random acts of marketing.

Sponge is a team of marketing and operations analysts. We help you design smarter processes, get more from your tech stack, and move from chaos to predictable revenue.

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Build Trust

We facilitate the hard conversations between Sales and Marketing, so you can share goals, carve out roles and responsibilities, and work from the same playbook.

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Solve Tough Problems

Get out of maintenance mode. We tackle weekly sprints for your grittiest and most confounding automation problems, so everything *finally* works.

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Prove Marketing’s Contribution

We build the KPIs, reports, dashboards, and custom attribution models that durably demonstrate your campaign's (and team's) contribution.

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Drive Pipeline

Whether it’s nurture programs, webinars, emails, BDRs scripts, or landing pages, Sponge builds lean demand gen campaign strategies that consistently deliver revenue.

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Remodel Your Tech Stack

We implement, integrate, and optimize sophisticated martech tools, so you can automate complex processes and focus on growing.

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Work Every Lead

Stop ghosting leads. We’ve developed a methodology to track leads through your funnel (and see how quickly Sales works them).

Trusted by growing businesses big and small.

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Innovative and experienced

Sponge is a boutique agency with 70+ years of experience in marketing and business operations. We help companies consistently generate millions in revenue. Our innovative (but proven) strategies will elevate your team and get the best out of your tech stack.

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Jessica Sprinkel

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Allison Isett

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Todd Sprinkel

Solutions Architect
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Shelby Dawirs

Marketing Analyst
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Carly Grudzien

Marketing Analyst
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John Desfosses

Marketing Analyst
Mina Sharif

Mina Sharif

Marketing Analyst
Sponge | Marketing and Operations Analysts

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Sponge | Marketing and Operations Analysts

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