Here Come the Aggressive 2024 Revenue Targets

This year has been a slog for most marketers. With mediocre results, shrinking headcount, and stalled budgets, teams are running lean (in both ambition and resources).  And now here comes 2024 planning season with its aggressive revenue targets. 😬

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If you’re pessimistic about your plan, you’re not alone. Our antidote? Create a data-backed marketing plan that rejects magical thinking, predictably contributes pipeline, and helps negotiate realistic budgets. Here’s how.

1. Forecast Marketing’s contribution

If you know your revenue goals, ASP, and funnel conversion rates, this model calculates how many Opps and MQLs you need, plus the cost to get there.

Lead Gen Plan

2. Negotiate a bigger budget

Most marketers accept whatever number comes from the CFO. Instead, here’s how to proactively model how you can support conservative, moderate, and aggressive growth.

3. Write a scrappy campaign plan

Here’s our annual plan template. It will help you articulate a campaign strategy, tease out tactics, and prioritize channels.

template for annual marketing planning | Marketing and Revenue Ops

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