[Template] A Scorecard for Comparing Marketo, Hubspot, and Jahia

Evaluating Marketo vs. HubSpot vs. any other marketing automation platform?  Assuming you already defined Marketing and Sales’ user stories (slow clap!), how do you actually battle different demos against each other?

We recently guided a client through a complex vendor eval.  This scorecard template:

  • takes the instinct/emotion/bias out of the demo process
  • goes beyond simple yes/no answers (because ease of use matters)
  • keeps the decision based on holistic fit, not a single blockbuster feature

How the vendor scorecard works

  1. On a scale of 1-5 (1 being crappy), you rate how well each platform satisfies your requirement.
  2. Filtering for empty cells makes it really easy to pester sales engineers for specific answers.
  3. If your team has particular strengths, weaknesses, goals, or pressures, be sure to scrutinize the scores in those sections.  “Lead Management” just may not matter as much as a key integration or security compliance.
  4. And of course be sure to check the sum logic at the bottom.
  5. We also found it really helpful to write a 10-word summary… something that acknowledges the risks and rewards so the team could fully debate the challenges/changes ahead.

You can grab the template here.  Best of luck in your bakeoff!


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