What We’ve Learned Running a Remote Business for Two Years

Jess and her family just moved back to Philadelphia after a year in Puerto Rico.  Her flight home included 12 suitcases, 2 kids, a stroller, car seats, and a dog! 🤪 We’re a little nostalgic about closing Sponge’s “island office,” but so glad to have Jess closer.

It’s the perfect time to reflect on all the surprises of running a remote business — because it turns out you still really need a mailbox and a local bank.

On this week’s pod, we talked about:

  • what we’ve learned running a remote business for two years, from virtual inboxes to needing more (yes more) meetings
  • how we wrote a partnership agreement that strengthened our trust in each other (and kept our husbands out of the company lol)
  • successfully replacing a trade show with a 4-day Brighttalk virtual event — we were skeptical about virtual events, but the format works and the leads were qualified




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