Welcome Back, Marketing Masterminds!

Sponge.io is restarting our beloved, pandemic-era series:  Marketing Masterminds!  Every month we’ll host a small (and very low-key) virtual marketing meet-up to riff ideas, give feedback, trade advice, and show-and-tell real projects.

If you’re curious how MOPs pros and growth marketers tackle automation, lead management, and demand gen, you’re in the right place.  And you can expect to walk away with honest insights, actionable feedback, and (hopefully) some fresh energy.

Thursday, March 7: Launching a scrappy campaign

It’s demand gen launch season! But you don’t need a 200-row spreadsheet or a “forthcoming” whitepaper from Product Marketing to get going.

Instead, marketers can quickly repackage content, start market testing, and iterate iterate iterate… all while qualified leads flow in.

The convo:

  • Bring your 1H 2024 campaigns, tough questions, and latest tools!
  • We’ll brainstorm channels and tactics for anyone who’s game, and hear what folks have tried (and how it fared).

The show-and-tell:

  • Jen and Shelby will screenshare 3 real Q1 2024 campaign plans
  • Plus the frameworks they’ve created to help match tactics to marketing goals

Can’t join? We won’t be recording these intimate convos, but you can DIY with this simple 1-page campaign framework >


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