Marketo Glossary – Common Terms

Mask input?  Period cost?  Marketo has a lot of unique jargon.  Here are definitions, object types, and document links for common Marketo terms.

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Term Marketo Object Type Definition Marketo Docs
Alt Text Emails This is text that will appear if the image cannot render in the email client. Vision-impaired users with assistive technology use alt-text as a substitute for images. Link
Design Studio All Marketo’s digital asset manager which holds images, files (i.e. White Papers, eBooks), and more. Link
Marketing Activities All One of the core sections of Adobe Marketo Engage. This is where your campaign orchestration occurs. All of your programs, campaigns, and campaign folders (as well as their local assets) live here. Link
Dynamic Content Emails You can customize how different segments of leads view an email (or landing page) essentially giving different wording to separate groups of people. Link
Fieldset Forms Fieldsets group a bunch of fields together. A fieldset can be set to display dynamically on a field once a particular value is entered in a previous field on the same form. Link
Hidden Fields Forms Fields on a form hidden from public view intended to capture data like referral info and UTM parameters. Link
Landing Page Landing Pages Pages you can create in Marketo; Marketo-hosted pages that allow you to display content and track visitors. Link
Instructions Forms Tooltips that show when the visitor hovers over a field on a form. Link
Mask Input Forms Restrict input from your user on a field. Common example is a phone number in a specific format such as (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Link
Meta Tags Landing Pages Text you can customize on pages for SEO purposes. Link
Operational Email Emails Operational emails ignore Unsubscribed and Marketing Suspended statuses. They also ignore communication limits. No marketing or promotional content can be included in operational emails. Link
Period Cost Campaigns This is the amount you spend on a campaign. The Period Cost can be entered for one or more months and is used for reporting ROI on a campaign. Link
Pre-fill Forms When a web visitor is known (cookied), Marketo forms will pre-fill fields with their information by default. Note: this may not work on non-Marketo landing pages. Link
Preheader Emails The text the email recipient reads in their inbox, next to the subject line, before opening the email. Link
Progressive Profiling Forms When a lead comes back to visit another Marketo form on the website and the lead is known (cookied), you can present new fields and progressively fill out the profile of the lead. Link
Segmentation Emails Segmentation allows you to segment a group of lead by a particular demographic or characteristic. Common segmentations include geography (country) or type (customer vs. prospect). Link
Smart Lists Campaigns Smart lists are dynamic and find a specific group of people based on defined rules. Link
Tag / Channel Campaigns Tags (aka Channels) are used to categorize campaigns. Common examples of a Tag: Webinar, Event, Web Form, etc. Link
Trigger Campaigns There are two types of Smart Campaigns: Batch and Trigger. A Batch campaign launches at a specific time and affects a specific set of people all at once. A Trigger smart campaign affects one person at a time based on a triggered event. An example of a trigger would be clicks a link in an email or fills out a form. Link
Visibility Rules Forms A field with a visibility rule enabled can be set to dynamically display a field once a particular value is entered in a previous field on the same form. Link
Hard Bounce mails A hard bounce can render a person’s email address invalid when a mail server tells Marketo that the person’s email can’t be delivered Link
Soft Bounce Emails A soft bounce means something went wrong in delivering the email to the person; this automatically gets resolved and can sometimes takes days. Link


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