The Best Laid Plans

Happy Q2 folks! I just reread our 2020 goals and let’s just say they did NOT age well. Back in February I felt beleaguered that our plans weren’t coming to fruition fast enough.  I tried taking solace in new ideas like our Sponge conference (ha!) and Mastermind event series (hahaha!) to build community.

Let’s also remember that my personal theme for 2020 was HOST.  Oh, the irony.

How to regroup?

We’re past the initial shock and have settled into a new routine of work/childcare shifts and relationships via Zoom. And amidst all of this change, I find myself wondering what success looks like right now. Goals can be incredibly stabilizing, and I’m ready to recreate our plans into something motivating and realistic. Maybe you are too. While we haven’t given up on our conference at some point in 2020, we’d like to share some of that content with you now to inspire you to a place of action from afar.

Please join us next Thursday for a workshop on Modeling & Forecasting Your Marketing Plan After Covid. We’ll talk about how to come out of the fog and survive/recover/thrive by resetting your plans in a concrete way. Think of it as permission to let go of previous expectations and recreate a marketing plan that your whole team believes in.

We’d like to do more of these, so if there are other topics you’d like to see, drop us a line and we’ll share more updates soon.

What we’re digging…


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