My Rolodex of Marketing Consultants, Freelancers, and Agencies

I recently saw an ad by the Container Store (of all things) that said, “1 great person = 3 good people.”  Talk about a hiring philosophy!  Throughout my career I have held tight to a handful of folks who do incredible work.  The sort of people you can recommend without reservation.  So here they are:  the marketers and creatives that are just too good to keep secret.

Creative – Greg Newcomb

I said the phrase “Greg gets it” so many times my team threatened to make me a T-shirt.  Greg is thoughtful, surprising, fast, witty, and a bargain to boot.  Any time I have a special project–a direct mail piece, a conference theme, a story book–I trust Greg to deliver something I hoped for but couldn’t envision.

Brand – The Mighty Shed

Usually brand agencies charge $100k, wanna “investigate the logo”, and deliver an opaque PPT deck that doesn’t make a dent in demand gen.  The Mighty Shed is a small agency that is wildly different.

With Brian Compton, I cranked out dozens of ads, websites, landing pages, and trade show booths every quarter.  When I needed help articulating “a software’s voice”, he and Angelique ran a tangible workshop I still borrow from.  And when we (finally!) wanted to run a true brand campaign, they delivered a big idea that was simple but expansive.  If you are weary of bloated agencies, I can’t recommend Shed enough.

PR – Ink Communications

Starr and Kari have assembled the smartest groups of PR marketers I’ve ever met (and I’ve met dozens of agencies).  They’re focused on tech companies. ✅ They’re not intimidated by developer jargon or boring differentiators. ✅ OMG they define measurable goals for the year and quarter! ✅ And they understand that B2B marketing is a grind of third party validation. ✅

Together we wrote hundreds of pieces of placed content in a year.  No exaggeration.  If you’re looking to grow your brand awareness (or even your domain authority), Ink will get you there.

Websites – Zizzle and West Jones

I once burned through four web agencies within 2 years.  There were rookie mistakes, crappy templates, endless QA tickets, and too many nights where I worked until 10pm trying to get pages launched.  When I started working with Brian and West, I got home on time.  These guys are the real deal–they’re clear communicators, they design gorgeous pages, and they deliver clean code. QA takes mere days.

I will take these two every where I go, and indeed they built Sponge’s website.  10/10

Technical Copywriting – Maliha Balala

Maliha is a fantastic writer who can handle blogs, white papers, ebooks, and (!) technical documentation.  When we have meaty software content to write, I try to book Maliha as soon as possible.

SEM Consultant – Connie Yiu

Connie Yiu is a super talented SEM consultant — she is technically savvy, relentless in optimizing results, and brings a lot of creative energy to teams that are light on content/brand appeal. I recommend her to anyone looking to revamp their efforts across Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

SEM Agency – KoMarketing

Finding a good agency for SEM is tough.  Almost every time I work with someone new, they immediately recommend restructuring the account?  Three months later, we’re just waking up to the fact that our copy and CTAs suck.

Mike Pickowitz at KoMarketing is gonna be your right arm — he keeps track of all the moving parts, makes proactive recommendations and quick changes without waiting for a status meeting, and is always thinking about how to get more from less.

Powerpoints – Whit McCullough

Needing something clean and bold?  Call Whit.  You guys, he can make slides that move.  At the very least, follow his daily 60-second Powerpoint tutorials on LinkedIn.

SEO – Bryant Harland

I’m trying to lure Bryant Harland back into freelance writing and SEO.  He’s the only writer I’ve met who can understand a technical concept, scour your site for missing keywords, and then write new content to suit.  It’s a full package.

Video – Snack Video

Kyle Kehrwald once made me cry with a video edit.  He’s fast, autonomous, and adept at both live action and animated videos.  Bonus:  he collaborates with Shed!


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