Our Big Plans for 2020

Welp, somehow we’re already two months into 2020! It’s been a bit of a rocky start tbh and the past few weeks have felt like one step forward, two steps back. We’re starting to hit our stride and I’ve been reflecting on why growth feels so messy. A friend shared this post with some great advice:

“Whatever you’re building or creating, respect the beginning moments. That foundation is so important to the potential of what it can turn into. Keep going.”

Being in growth mode is hard, and we’re constantly reminding ourselves to hang in there and keep doing the work even when it doesn’t yield immediate results.

Speaking of big goals…

We recently hosted our first company retreat in Puerto Rico which was super gratifying and a lot of fun. As a remote company we don’t get a lot face-to-face time, so it was nice to spend some extended time together dreaming + scheming (more on our plans here) as well as touring the island 🌴

As part of our 2020 planning we did Holiday Council, which helps you put together a theme and goals for the year (highly recommend but be ready for some woo).

In 2019, my theme was TOGETHER, as in get my shit together, marriage resurgence after baby #2, growing a business beyond just me, etc.

In 2020, my theme is HOST, as in taking personal responsibility to draw people together, build community and culture, and embrace my weird. I’m hoping I can extend what I did in 2019 to have a bigger impact on all of my communities.

What we’re digging…

  • The Charisma Rules – as someone who’s *right* on the line between extrovert and introvert, it’s still a struggle to interact with others even though I love my people. I loved this book and practice the exercises every day.
  • This is Where You Belong – ever feel like you don’t *love* where you live? We were considering a move before coming to Puerto Rico, and reading this book helped me confirm where I want to be and that I am responsible for how great my neighborhood is (it also inspired our community impact plans at Sponge). Definitely recommend if you’re a fellow wanderlust or just want to feel more connected in your community.
  • Sibling Revelry – a wonderful new podcast about siblings and how they can experience the same events and process them totally differently. Hosted by Oliver and Kate Hudson, it’s a healthy dose of celebrity gossip, psychology, and personal reflection. Check it out!

Hope your 2020 is off to a great start, and keep going :)


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