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We’re pretty diehard about optimizing lead follow-up:  even a minuscule improvement can have a monumental impact on pipeline.  I recently audited a client’s lead management process and found that improving the BDR-to-AE handoff by just 5% would generate an additional $549,477 in their annualized bookings – without any additional spend to fill the top of the funnel. 🤯 (And we’ve helped a client improve that handoff by 50%!)

I ended up creating a lil Sales Funnel ROI Calculator to help you tinker with your own conversion rates and model the impact.

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How to use the Sales Funnel ROI calculator:

  1. Simply enter the date that your fiscal year started.
  2. Fill in the inputs for MQLs, Meetings, SQLs, Total Pipeline, Closed Won Opps, and Total Bookings for this Fiscal YearNote: the default values use a standard calendar year, a 30% MQL to Meeting rate, 50% Meeting to SQL rate with an ASP of $50,000 and a Win Rate of 33%.
  3. The calculator will then figure out your baseline conversion rates.
  4. You can then play around with the Improvement % columns to see how improving the Marketing > BDR (default 5% improvement) and BDR > AE handoffs (default 5% improvement) would affect your pipeline.

It will calculate:

  • What your “new” values would be at this point in the year
  • The difference between your current actual values
  • An annualized difference based on current progress through your fiscal year

Chances are the ROI of even a modest improvement will outstrip the slickest MarTech or most viral marketing campaign.  Have fun!

See the Pen
ROI Calculator
by Todd (@Sponge_)
on CodePen.

A couple notes:

  • It reacts to when the start of your fiscal year is.
  • If you don’t know your existing conversion rates, you can reference our funnel benchmarks.

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