Sponge.io Case Study: A Diabetes Survey Was the Coolest Thing We Built in 2020

Employers spend over $250 billion a year on diabetes–over $17k per person.  And employees with Type 2 diabetes take 57M unplanned sick days each year.  It’s an urgent, and growing, healthcare cost for companies.  And we’re delighted to present a Sponge.io case study that helps tackle the problem.

DayTwo is a new healthcare benefit.  They sequence the gut biome of employees with Type 2 diabetes and use machine learning algorithms to understand how specific foods uniquely affect their blood sugar.  Soon employees know how they’ll respond to a meal before they eat it, and can keep their blood sugar more stable. 

But when DayTwo launched their first pilot, they immediately hit a snag:  the enrollment process was manual and took weeks.

Growing pains

Employers and their diabetic staff were eager to enroll in the pilot.  But DayTwo’s clinician team initially qualified users one-by-one, tracking information in a Google sheet that only one dietitian could edit at a time.  It was time consuming, and the data was inconsistent.  As the pilot rapidly expanded, clinicians were at a breaking point.

There were also ongoing concerns about data.  Nothing synced to the CRM.  They couldn’t report on the enrollee funnel:  who was contacted, who signed up, and who qualified.  And the data wasn’t secure enough for HIPAA.

DayTwo wanted to automate the qualification process within their app, but dev gave a 6-9 month timeline. 😬 And the qualification data still wouldn’t integrate with Salesforce. 😬😬😬

From 6 months to 3 weeks

Sponge.io was already working with DayTwo’s marketing ops team, but Marketo was clearly not the solution.  We brainstormed moving the qualification survey to SurveyMonkey because the interface is user-friendly, it’s HIPAA-compliant, and it integrates with Salesforce.

At every turn our goal was to streamline and automate the onboarding process so dietitians could focus on client outcomes, not data entry.  After defining requirements, we delivered the solution in 3 weeks:

  • Prospective members now fill out the qualification survey in the app
  • They’re immediately qualified/disqualified.
  • Qualified enrollees are automatically passed to the dietician team for followup.
  • The data flows into customized views in Salesforce.
  • And an engagement program in Marketo communicates with users as they progress through the program.

The result

The automation simply works:  new enrollees are qualified within minutes vs. 2-3 weeks under the old system.  The number of enrollees doubled.  And all the data is secure and captured in Salesforce. ::chefskiss::

DayTwo now has detailed visibility into their enrollment KPIs:  They can see how many qualified members actually sign up for the program, how quickly enrollees move from stage to stage, and if individual employers are fully leveraging the benefit.  DayTwo can also leverage the member data in Salesforce to track patient outcomes and ultimately improve care.

As much as we love a good Marketo cleanup, we are so proud to design smarter processes, get more from tech stacks, and help companies move from chaos to predictable revenue.


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