Q4 Is Just Around the Corner

Shoot, all of a sudden the end is in sight for the longest year ever. Hope you’re hanging in there — doing good work, staying sane with virtual school, and finding moments of joy.

This year has been a (forced) time to pause and regroup, but there’s so much upside in getting back to basics. We’re busier than ever digging into some meaty projects. As much as I love a good Marketo cleanup, I’m really enjoying working with teams trying to solve foundational issues between Sales and Marketing so they can turn things around in 2021.

If you’re in the same spot, I hope you’re proud to be fixing something that needs fixing so your team can win!

Join our monthly virtual happy hour

I also wanted to let you know about the MOPS happy hour we host.  We originally envisioned this monthly meet-up as “marketing therapy”, but we’re getting so much inspiration and energy from these conversations.

If you’re looking for honest insights from your peers on what they tried and how it fared (cough2021planningcough), please join us!

What we’re digging…

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