The best of a rough year

A guiding principle from our 2020 kickoff? “People overestimate what can be accomplished in a day and underestimate what can be accomplished in a year.”

Oof that felt like a cruel joke in May as we archived our 2020 Asana project plans…  No conference this year. Nor a team retreat.  No, no, no…

But now, in December, I see we fell prey to same old bias, only slightly amended.  We underestimated what can be accomplished in a pandemic.

  • Firstly, we did launch our Beyond Marketing podcast. I love talking with marketers about their career paths, big ideas, and coping mechanisms.
  • We turned our cancelled conference into digital tutorials.
  • Eventually Marketing Mastermind became a monthly happy hour for networking and brainstorming.
  • And most importantly, we continue delivering valuable work to 16 clients and counting.

Now that we’re closing out this wild year, we’re sharing our best work.  Because we’re proud of it.  But we also need to remember 2020 wasn’t “lost.”  In fact we clarified what we do best (which is doing cool shit in Salesforce).


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