[Checklist] What to Expect from Part-Time Marketing Operations Headcount

Having a marketer dedicated to Hubspot, Pardot, or Marketo full time is a luxury for smaller marketing teams.  Here are three job descriptions for part-time Marketing Operations headcount.

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You need 10 hours/week minimum

We estimate it takes 40 hours/month to maintain your marketing automation platform (MAP).  If you only have 10 hours/week, prioritize these goals:

Not sophisticated, but:

  • the system is clean and easy to navigate
  • emails are proofread
  • UTMs are creating attribution data
  • you know which leads are falling through the cracks
  • you won’t get blacklisted!

20 hours a week

When you’re frustrated with reporting, can’t see how prospects are engaging with content, or seeing incomplete data, your digital marketing has matured.  It’s a good thing!

But this is when you need to go beyond maintenance and also:

  • fix incomplete data, sync errors, and other integration issues
  • create, QA, and deploy demand gen programs every week
  • build automation workflows
  • fine tune lead scoring regularly

The complete roles and responsibilities of a full time Marketing Operations Manager

Jackpot!  If you have a dedicated headcount for marketing operations, you can grow a lot faster/smarter/more efficient.

Full time MOPs staff do everything mentioned so far, and also:

At this level, you’re working proactively to engage your database with the best offers, reporting on Marketing’s overall ROI, regularly providing conversion insights to the demand gen team, tightly coordinating with Sales Ops, and putting the “automation” in Marketing Automation Platform.


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